So, we could think of yesterday as a test run. We got some things right, some things wrong. I wouldn’t wear the rain mac that encouraged water to run into my socks, and shoes, that’s for sure.

Anyway, I opened the car door and got out of bed. Early starts were as easy as anything here, due to the jet lag, so we were all circulating by 5am. I had my first cold shower, and gelled my hair (this practice would soon end). I ate breakfast in my pants, I feel try comfortable with my fellow travellers. I threw away yesterday’s socks, how very Justin Timberlake of me!


We set off after a rice, beans and egg breakfast. Today was fcking tough! Long, relentless hills, in beating sun, not as much humidity as had been advertised! At this moment, I realised how tough and challenging this trek was. I was almost sick, but told no-one, martyr that I am! Annoyingly, we want down hills as well as up!


Lunch was at a cute bungalow in the periphery jungle, I lay on the grass to compose myself. More bimbo bread, tonnes of guacamole and jalapeños, spicy foods abroad, hah- doesn’t worry me! The rain then came. In england we would usually wait until it passed, but not here. I put my condom outfit on, and we left the bungalow.


Walking in the rain is cooler, of course- but has it’s own challenges! We had to walk through streams, any chance of dry boot was diminishing by the second! We did cross some cool bridges, just like on ‘I’m a celeb’ though!


Throughout the day, we walked for more than 6 hours, almost 17km, and at an average speed of 2.7km! We were quite a quick group, with some strong minds, no dawdling for us! Today we saw a millipede, torch gingers and Clitoria, which caused much hilarity.




Nice campsite tonight, with- shock horror- beds! The boys crammed into a wooden hut, and bagged our beds. We then convened to play a card game called ‘shit-head’, which it would take me all week to understand. I, instead, played with my head torch, putting any epilepsy at risk. I didn’t lose the game, which in my head is winning.


At this point, I had an epiphany, and realised everything would have been so much easier if we had packed umbrellas.

We ate unidentified meat curry, with marrow. Ken said ‘where’s the frogs?’, referring to wildlife, but not realising a french group was in earshot. At this point, we also coined his nickname, RoboKen, due to his speed and agility. He is fitter than me, and I’m only 21!

The other table had dessert, which annoyed me. We attempted to play the ‘post-it’ game, but failed. Oddly, 2 people wrote Sinitta. I suggested we actually write in on our heads, but there was little uptake.

I used to my torch to reach my room, something I never do at home.

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