I slept heavy. Maybe it was the mojito, bailey’s and beef combo?

We waited longer than usual for an unusually soggy breakfast. I’m not sure how beans, rice and egg can be soggy, but they were!

Today, a select few of us (Hannah, Sam and I) would be horse-riding! We walked into town, and were typically English in being 1/2 hour early.


The dashing Patrick took us to the stables. My horse was brown. And slow. I wore a cowboy hat and looked a bit of a tool.


We had no training, and left on the animals, down the main road of the town. Thankfully, they just followed, much like donkey’s. We reached the off-black sand, and rode along the beach, for ages. I was always 5 minutes behind, even when I tapped my horse’s bottom with a fern leaf.


At the half-way point, 1.5 hours away, Patrick served us fresh coconut and further avoided conversation. By this time, I knew I liked horse riding, but not that much!

When we got back, my legs trembled for an hour. I took my companions for a quesadilla lunch, they were impressed. It’s basically a pizza on top of a pizza innit? We bumped into the rest of the group and I sniffed Chris’ ceviche.

We later indulged in the wifi by the pool. My phone had been on airplane mode for a week, so I had some admin to attend to!

That evening, I put on an alternative Jesus costume, and packed my bag, for the final time. My boots remained wet (due to late stream crossing in yesterday’s walk, damn!).

We walked to town, and had to fight off Ken buying us yet more cocktails. I, instead, ate a packet of biscuits and a bag of crisps in record time. That sorted my sugar low.


After begging Randall for dinner, we went upstairs for dinner. It was divine. The waitress didn’t recognised any words, in any language, and I was lucky to get a coca-cola.


A sloth in the trees entertained us, it kept taking wrong turns. It eventually came to the ground, I’m told to poo, but a dog scared it back up, so it must remain constipated. Sam begged us for another drink, but by this time we were all tired and emotional.

This blog is just a taster of my trek!

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