Woke extremely stiff, probably due to sleeping on the floor. Today seemed dull, we would be back on the bus, yuk! After many days of trekking, our next part of the route needed to be navigated by vehicle! I also noticed I had a blister twice the size of my small toe, so this gave it the perfect opportunity to rest.

We drove for hours, we all drifted in and out of consciousness, I wanted to vomit on the corners, and the windows rattled something chronic. Today we were visiting Irazu volcano, at 3,000m. We alighted at the viewing platform, I bought some crisps, and we walked to the crater (viewing point). This felt less intrepid.



We also saw some animals that I forget the name of.


After a little drive further, we stopped at the coolest cafe in the world, covered, COVERED in business cards! I had a lacklustre cheese taco, and coffee, so much for detox.



We soon reached the next trekking point, our little legs were aching to walk more. As we got off the bus, we all collapsed, the heat was immense. This small break had screwed us over, and we struggled in the heat. And I was hobbling slightly, as my blister swelled. Morale was at a low, for one of the first times, but we played some vacuous games of I-Spy and continued.

We soon reached a village and a football pitch, the corner of which began a particularly dicey piece of rainforest, where we had our snake warning. Oh crap! I have a fear of snakes, yet I wanted to see one…! Karl was bitten on the bottom twice as we received our briefing. We entered the rainforest, the terrain was very tough, and we assigned ourselves different areas to look for wildlife, I was ‘up and right’.



The campsite was a little bit ‘glamping’ style, which pleased us. Again, no electricity though, so cold showers and torchlight activities. But the hammocks made up for it! Ken umpired an extremely serious game of Jenga, whilst the rival team played a very loud game off shit-head, nudging the table when we could.



Randall set fire to 3 tea cloths as he attempted to put the fire out. Fail. We started to doubt his jungle skills. I returned early to my tent and searched thoroughly for snakes. I slept amazingly, i was solo tonight too, no sea of snorers to contend with (I’m usually the loudest).


This blog is just a taster of my trek!

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