Alarm for 6am. Hot shower- unexpectedly!
We all edged wearily to the coach, and boarded.
After 3 hours, we stopped for a nice buffet, I had bananas with cheese!
A wifi huddle ensued at the airport, and I have never been so excited by a plug socket before, I never reacted the same when I’m at home! I purchased a condom coffee maker, and some chocolate covered coffee beans. Oh, and maracas.

The 4 hour flight went quite quickly, we then landed at Houston, passed through customs, and ate a HUGE burger. The next flight was 10 hours, but this soon passed.
Then, we were back at the UK. I shan’t write too much because I might cry. But, what an amazing trip, with amazing people!
We had trekked Costa Rica coast to coast, and here’s my summary of it’s brilliance The terrain was relentless, we’d often climb 700m in a day, sometimes twice, sometimes during a monsoon. Our earliest start was 3am, trekking by head torch along the edge of gorges, where one wrong step could be fatal.
I wore wet boots ALL week, and my clothes began to smell, but we couldn’t wash them, as we never had hot water, even for showering! We often had no electricity, so ate dinner by candlelight, and entertained ourselves with moonlit card games.I’ve slept in a pick up truck, making sure it was in first gear! I also slept on a cowshed floor, with no bedding or padding, and amongst a sea of bodies.We trekked through rainforest, having to watch out for snakes or poisonous tree frogs, or the howler monkeys that would actually jump on us…! Through moss lined gulleys, over boulders, up muddy tracks, down stony hills, across beach, BUT hardly ever on flat ground.

IMG_1118If you want to donate, please follow the link! I’ve proved it, I can achieve it, I have pushed myself to the limit, physically and mentally!

  • Chelts

    Brilliant. Thanks for documenting it in your witty way so we remember all the funny moments.
    It was an amazing trip, with a wonderful bunch of people. Special thanks to you Michael for making it especially good fun and humerous! It’s nice to be able to look back and laugh, and know we’re not sleeping in a cow shed tonight!

    Michael definitely deserves sponsorship for busting out of his comfort zone and doing super-amazing on this really tough challenge. If you haven’t yet, make sure you hit that sponsor button!

    You’ve done your Grandmother proud chuck. xx

    December 12, 2013

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