I hope you’ve chosen a real Christmas tree this year… In my opinion, it’s so much better than those chintzy tinsel-esque specimens. My gran used to have an off-white one, which always looked a bit sorry for itself, but nevertheless made an appearance yearly!

In my silent auction frenzy at work recently, I wound up winning two real Christmas trees for quite handsome prices! They’re the “no flop, no drop” ones I’ve been selling on QVC recently, lovely and dense (not at all like me!) and towering at 6 foot! I managed to sell one on, and was convinced to put the other up at home (despite being the bah humbug type!!)

Picture of decorated tree will follow, once I find an adult who can use a saw.

So, if you’re plumping for a real tree, you need to choose a good one, which will last the Christmas period in fine fettle. You don’t want to be hoovering on Boxing Day now, do you..?

If you can, visit a Christmas tree farm, where you can select your tree fresh from the field..! But, the likelihood is you’ll be choosing yours from a DIY store or garden centre. The best way to check freshness is to drop the tree about an inch to the ground, onto the stump. If a fair few needles drop, then it isn’t that fresh. PS do this discreetly, so you don’t get chucked out of the store!

I’m very sure your Christmas tree shopping companion will be getting you to spin twenty trees before they choose… Always choose a well balanced tree, with dense branching, it’ll be much easier to hide the light wires once you decorate. And make sure the tree isn’t too tall, there’s nothing worse than a shortened tree (and it isn’t good for the tree either!)

Once you get the tree home, make sure it’s watered as soon as possible. I would highly recommend a tree stand with water reservoir. Your tree will especially need lots of water over the first few days, as it adjusts to life in the warmer home. Always keep the reservoir topped up, covering the base.

As much as possible, keep your prized specimen away from open fires and radiators, your tree will enjoy being cool, and should stay nice and fresh until the 12th day.

If you really think you haven’t got the space for a Christmas tree, why not considering asking for a branch from a friend.. You could then do this…!


Either way, get your tree set up, and then decorate if tastefully!

show me your tree!

Here’s a couple of my twitter followers trees, already up and ready for Christmas!




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