Internet guilt.
Does this phrase make sense to you?

I’ve been throwing these thoughts around in my head for a while, so bear with me here.. But I think, and hope, you’ll understand where I’m coming from!

So, I see myself as being from an in-between generation when it comes to the internet. I’m not like my parents, who still can’t grasp the concept, but at the same time not like the youngsters of today who google anything and everything immediately. Sounds cheesy, but they have the “information at their fingertips”. Whether this means less information is then stored is a whole other subject though..

But, what we’re discussing here is “internet guilt”. This manifests itself in exchanges such as “oh, they’re always on Facebook” or “you’re always just messing around on the internet”.. I’m very sure you’ve heard these phrases uttered? Or, of course, people’s odd attitudes when you might mention online discussion forums, or similar.. “but isn’t it odd to chat to people on the internet?”

They’re acting as if the internet is a big scary animal in the corner. This is the “internet guilt” generation…!

There are some people out there that use the internet as a substitute for real life, and that’s where it gets dangerous. I’ve always prided myself on being able to interact in exactly the same manner I do online as in real life. That’s why I’ll often bound up to twitter users I recognise at flower shows and the like, waggling my hand at them and leaving them shocked at such an impromptu introduction. BUT, why shouldn’t our online interactions spill over into real life too? After all, I see the internet as a compliment to real life, something that enhances it, not something to live IN!

Facebook seems to be such a hot potato too. People seem to hate it, and are embarrassed to admit that they love it! Why does regular use seem to suggest you’re a “loser” or that you haven’t got a life? I use it to enhance my life, to interact with friends I see regularly as well as those that I don’t. I use it to make people laugh, not to depress them which my woes. You’ll be hard pushed to find a negative status update from me!

Twitter, oh I love that animal! It’s like only 30% of the world understands it! And that’s just so cool! To be honest, twitter is like my life companion, I find out the news through it, I share news, I keep in touch with contacts, I make new contacts and I “advertise” myself and what I do! Yes, I’ll be on it mostly through the day, but that’s doesn’t mean I’m not living life, or being attentive to what’s around me. It’s like dipping in and out of a newspaper, or chatting to various friends. Why shouldn’t some of that chat be in the cyber world as well as the real world.. When you get it right, they’re the perfect companions!

So, that’s my collection of thoughts, a little bit garbled, but perhaps it strikes a chord with you…? If so, please leave a comment. Thanks!

  • Who on earth are those people????!!!

    February 17, 2014
  • I hate Facebook but i keep it there just incase. Im newish to twitter and love it. It opens up great new interactions with like minded people. I don’t live on it but cant live without it.

    February 17, 2014
    • But why hate Facebook……….?

      February 17, 2014
  • Its outdated even though they have tried bringing the #hashtag function into use. What’s worst is the complaining. Its become a place for people to rant to gain sympathy. Don’t get me wrong though, i still check Facebook at least twice a day. And there lies the problem, everytime i have deleted it in the past, it sucks me back in like a black hole of misery.

    February 17, 2014
  • Gulshirin, True oh so true..sweet article!

    February 18, 2014
  • Right on! No more internet guilt… as long as it’s all in balance with everyday life, as you say, all is good.

    February 20, 2014
    • craftgardener

      Talking about my generation..

      February 21, 2014

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