It’s now 2 days since I attended the YoungHort event and I’m still a bit blown away.

A group of young horticulturists (mostly half my age!) have shown impressive initiative and formed the ‘YoungHort Ambassadors’, and they held their first event last Friday. I was really chuffed to be asked to speak at the event, and was on the ‘bill’ alongside many people I admire, especially Wongy (James Wong!) and Lady Christine Walkden!

I sat thinking ‘why didn’t we have this when I was at college?’ and felt frustrated that myself and my college mates hadn’t shown the same initiative. BUT, times are different, social media and the internet is such a wonderful thing which means students at different colleges are now aware of each other, and can network and communicate, and realise THERE ARE other people with the same tastes. I always felt like an outsider when I was that age.. ‘you like plants..?? really??’

Even though I’m kinda old.. I do understand social media, and the power of it. I use my own twitter and Facebook accounts to educate, share, learn, poke fun at myself, entertain, network and (i must admit) advertise a little bit…! The problem with some people of my generation, and older, is that they can’t quantify the power of this mystery force (social media).. and frequently see it as ‘a waste of time’, and a platform where everyone’s talking about what they have for breakfast.

THIS IS NOT TRUE. It’s about connecting and finding like-minded people, and without it, this YoungHort would probably not have existed. This group of mini-horts will go on to great things, not just because they’re keen to work in horticulture and are learning the skills, but because they’ve shown initiative…!

And, what’s a selfie or 2 between horticulturists, hey??


  • Nicely put Mr-if only others would see the power of social media this kind of thing might become the norm. So sorry I had to miss it but also so pleased it was such a wonderful day-I look forward to being at the next one.

    March 9, 2014

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