Why I love Dutch planting

The Dutch are quite organized, neat and tidy.. You only have to look through the open curtains of every house to see. And, they apply that same style to their gardens. Unlike some “bitty” UK gardens, they keep it simple; with block planting, layered planting, evergreens and simple specimens.. I just love it!

The style of planting is often “blocky”, and the use of evergreens creates a weed-beating patchwork of colour! But it isn’t all leafy shrubs, Hydrangeas (Hortensia) are frequently used to punctuate gardens with hassle-free colour. Their cool tones compliment the leafy look so well too; blues and pinks of H. macrophylla, or the creamy indulgence of H. paniculata.

Some shrubs that we sometimes see as “throwaway” are much loved in the Netherlands, and again work super well in the planting style. Potentilla is one such plant; which isn’t just ground cover, but adds height too! I like how the planting is often layered too, the “block planting” style helps too.

My Dutch garden love is mainly from seeing front gardens too, basically by being a bit nosey..! Imagine if I was let loose around the back! But, you just never see a messy front garden .. we could learn a lot from this in the UK. Front gardens are a place for showcasing your home, not for storing old sofas!


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