Does the Chelsea Flower Show have a trend this year…?

I think the answer is no, there is no definitive trend at Chelsea Flower Show this year.

If anything, the ‘trend’ is doing what you want, being unashamed, using colour (heck, even using marigolds)… and I can’t help feeling there’s a cheeky, youthful attitude infiltrating and influencing the show too!


I’ve been visiting the show for more than 15 years (gosh, I’m old!) but this was the year i really felt at home; the gardening community networks in a different way nowadays; chatting and swapping ideas online, and not shut away on their nurseries up and down the country. Of course, this breeds a sharing of ideas. I strongly believe it’s better when you share ideas, rather than squirrel them away; and you’ll find it nudges your inspiration a bit more too!


I think it’s true when they say the gardens were more about the plants too; there weren’t too many huge structures, screaming for attention. It was about getting up close and personal with the colours, the shapes, the soft landscaping! And, we don’t have to have everything excruciatingly tidy anymore, informality rocks! I love it when there aren’t any rules!


Inside the floral marquee, the plants really are the stars, and there was some inspiring new layouts. How much work goes into them is beyond my comprehension!!


However- in total honesty- I can’t help feeling some of the displays still need to evolve a little, think about displaying their prized specimens in a different way. Many have possibly been laid out the same for the last 50 years, although there may be some comfort in tradition you’ll tell me…?? Compare these 2 photos…



What do you think…? Even if you’ve only seen the TV coverage, let me know what you think of the show.. does this year feel different to you…? If so, how…? Leave a comment!

See the full set of photos on



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