Plant-hunting in a day!

Just a little trip to the continent can unearth some pretty cool new developments in the plant world- here’s a quick picture guide to just a small part of what’s coming through…!

Chelsea Flower Show plant of the year Hydrangea ‘Miss Saori’ was looking incredible!


I quite fancied this dinky little Weigela too! Shrubs in pots are low maintenance beauties!


Marmite plant, this variegated Astrantia, huh…??


They’re back; Begonia Rex! A houseplant my Nan used to grow from leaf cuttings, there’s now new colours, and tougher forms, some can even be grown outdoors…


I love how creative the Dutch are; here’s a blueberry wreath!


Another of my Nan’s favourites; the shrimp plant, Beloperone!


Hmm, I am dubious about this one, tree tomatoes (Cyphomandra), they’d never crop in the UK, or would they? Have you any experience of growing these?


The dutch are so inventive with houseplants, here’s some moss!


Sneak preview of some new HARDY Rudbeckias…


Autumn decorations thanks to these Gourds!


Fantastic Clematis display, showing how diverse the family is!


Lastly, one of the really exciting Clematis of the moment, this is ‘Princess Kate’!


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