Ok, I’m sat here on a plane, just sitting, not even contemplating. Just letting myself melt away from my recent busy existence, downloading and clearing disc space, so I’m ready for some new experiences. Because I’m on a flight to japan!

My blogging about this trip, and it’s possible idiosyncrasies, has been accelerated by the man next to me on the plane, who has been sat in his seat, brushing his teeth, dry, for around fifteen minutes so far. The mouth clean follows a seafood curry, pile of ham, cluster of sun dried tomatoes and tuna pasta salad. And he just gone to the bathroom to spit. Welcome to japan.

I am finding things odd, but I think people are finding me odd. Some awkward, tall Greek with black tattooed flowers on his arms. As I look around me, 90% of the crowd are Japanese. I don’t half stand out!

Later, I was met at arrivals by a bewildered Japanese man, and hustled into a bus with 3 others, not westerners wither. Their English is only a trifle better than my Japanese, let’s say! I’ve never felt quite so conspicuous, but we climbed aboard the bus and drove through Tokyo, on futuristic highways, skimming the city and rivers!

Halfway to Nagano, we stopped at a motorway services. Cor, what an array of food! But, I’ve literally no idea what any food is until after I’ve bitten into it. And, healthy seems out of the window, I am spotting too much sexy deep fried specimens!! I think I’m going to see a lot of boiled eggs too. I’m having a backseat picnic as I write this!

2014-09-14 09.56.58

Suddenly, the bus stops, and I’m hustled out. One of my hosts had collected me from the station. Oh right! It’s going to be a trend… this “not knowing what’s going to happen next”….!

My room is just a little bit wider than me. It took me 30 minutes to unpack, rearrange, and hang just 3 shirts up. My plans for wide hand press ups are jinxed. There are at least 3 appliances in the room, I can only identify the hairdryer at present.

2014-09-18 07.42.35

I sit now in the restaurant. Puzzling. I am the ONLY western person in this hotel, every sign and piece of paper has Japanese on it, no English. I possibly just ate deep fried guppys. Who knows!!

As a footnote, I’d like to point out I am not moaning, merely observing with a gentle jibe at, mostly, myself!!

Oh, and here’s some of my dinner. Goodnight!


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  • There are a lot of pickles on that plate! I arrived thinking it was an extension of Wagamama, how wrong I was… Getting through 3 weeks was tough. Are you going to see the Arashiyama Bamboo Park?

    September 14, 2014

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