Japan 5.

Me? I’ve got chopstick pride. I am confident with chopsticks. I will sit in a dining room of Japanese people and use my chopsticks. I will then go to lunch with my hosts, and use the chopsticks. I will then find out I am using them the Chinese way. But, heck, at least I’m picking food up!

So, after eating hash browns for breakfast, with my chopsticks (I AM eating Japanese food, but just have an addiction to hash brown type products), I left the building.

There weren’t any tutoring tasks today, but we needed to hang out and set up for the next 2 days. So, Andy and I circulated, sometimes not quite knowing what’s going on (but apparently that’s normal even if you know the language!).. but, it’s all so enjoyable. Everyone is so warm and gentle, and we all bow to each other when we pass, playing havoc with my sinuses obvs!

I’ve set out my containers for tomorrow’s edible plantings. I really love designing mixed containers, and am finding I have a flair for it. Miss Kay clapped when I finished my giant trough with waves of cranberry, rosemary, basil and curry plant. I am also excited about my deep red mixture; choccy cosmos, black tulips, celosia and some other gems! Pictures will all follow, but don’t want to show you everything all at once. Or, you’ll never come back!

2014-09-18 17.21.13 2014-09-18 16.54.29 2014-09-18 11.56.43  2014-09-18 11.53.55 2014-09-18 11.53.50

The Yamada’s took us to a Soba restaurant for lunch! Soba is a noodle made of buckwheat, and the best type is grown in this area. It’s served cold, with sesame and walnut grounds, which you poor soy sauce into. So damn tasty. I cannot slurp to save my life though. It might take me a while to learn. Like blowing my nose, I came late to that too.

I’m not sat in a wifi huddle, with an apple cloak (iPad, iPhone and MacBook), making sure I soak up every ounce of wifi. I’ve even got enough to download the latest magazine on soaps.


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