Do you like the coding of my blog titles? It means very little, but makes me feel professional. I’m flash like that sometimes.

I was entertained by Takii seed company today. So, after breakfast I walked myself to their offices, 3 minutes away. Before then, I must mention that I made a total faux pas, and walked into the Japanese breakfast lounge instead of the general one. Too embarrassed to walk back out, I had some more random food, with viscous textures and worse.

I DO like Japanese food, and am trying everything. However, after 2 weeks, I’m not ashamed to admit that I am yearning for something western. But I haven’t ducked into McDonald’s. Yet.

So I had a lovely tour of the seed storage, cleaning and testing facilities, and we talked business. But that isn’t what you’re here for. Let’s blog about the funny stuff.

I had my lunch in the canteen with 150 Japanese people. Bunches of Japanese girls pointed and giggled. I am hoping this was a positive giggling about how handsome I am in certain lights. I did note they all wear knee high black socks, which looks awfully cute, but meant I could have laughed back if I felt the need.

After business, I was then free for sightseeing. But, first, I needed a little hotel room rest. I suddenly realised I’ve been in the go for 2 whole weeks!

But, this was Kyoto, and I may not be back, so sightseeing was on the cards. I packed some laundry up and got it collected, then dropped my bright pink apple accessories into the reception safety lockers.

I wanted to see the Imperial Palace, so I headed there, on the subway. I managed to buy a ticket, and boarded the train, trying to look cool as I did so. When I alighted, I had obviously got it wrong, as my ticket was refused at the barrier. I walked over to the ticket machine, couldn’t make head nor tail of it, and no staff were in sight, so I hopped the barrier. They were clearly designed to only stop Japanese people getting over.

The Imperial Palace was a lot of gravel.

2014-09-26 15.48.30

I wandered into Kyoto, heading for the dinky little streets, and Nishiki. My natural orienteering abilities paid off! 2 things of note, however: the Japanese ride bikes on the pavement, gosh. And, there are very few litter bins in the street. I’ll be writing to the council.

I stopped in Starbucks and wished I hadn’t. I am preferring the cold coffee, even cold tea with milk. I’ll be leaving cups all round the house when I get home!!

Everyone’s a bit glam in Kyoto, especially the girls, super fashionable. And this isn’t even Harajuku. I wore my T-shirt from Primark, which says Tokyo across the front. I also wore my red crossfit shoes, and shorts. I clearly looked American, (sorry to any Americans).

I continued to wander, soaking up everything. I just enjoy “being”” in different places that I travel to. And I bought my own pair of chopsticks.

I snacked on goods from the Seven Eleven (veg and dip, cold team potato chips, rice balls), and eventually headed back to my hotel, spoiling my dinner. It’s like I’m staying in a hotel, but I’m living a hostel life.

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