Tokyo. You make my face hurt. But in a good way!

Okay, woah, what to report. This place is crazyyyy! It’s crazy. Crazy. But it’s not crazy all over. As with most Japanese things, it has complete contradiction. Like in Harajuku today, utterly manic, then I turn a corner and it’s like a country lane!

I had promised myself a lay in, but when there’s new places to see, that cannot be done. I haven’t bought the breakfast, so I had a McMuffin from next door. With noodles on the side. LOL, not really!

As yesterday had turned out to be an aimless wander, where I didn’t feel I ticked off any major sights, I wanted today to run differently.

This business lounge isn’t very quiet, gah.

Anyway, I got on the Yamanote line. I’m a local now. I know what I’m doing. I sailed through stations, and alighted at Yoyogi. I wanted to see the ultra modern buildings from my guidebook. So, I got lost for the obligatory 20 minutes, then found where I needed to be. Although, it wasn’t. It was a HUGE park, with temples and stuff. Which was ultimately better. I never did find the modern stuff, oh well. This was also tourist central, some people had arrived on coaches, ugh.

There are lots of Spanish people here, but I’m not quite sure why, it seems an odd choice for them. There’s a small handful of common Australians too. Bogans?

I found I could walk to Harajuku from Yogogi park. Now that’s my top tourist tip, avoid the busy Harajuku JR station by walking through the attractive Yogogi park instead. My blog is the ultimate guide to japan.

I knew Harajuku from the Gwen Stefani song, so that’s been in my head all day too. This is where the cool japanese kids hang out, looking super stylish, and – it seems- queueing 50 person deep for popcorn. One of the fashion’s seemed to be wooly hats, it was 30 degrees.

2014-09-28 12.11.42 2014-09-28 11.54.22 2014-09-28 11.51.23 2014-09-28 11.46.25 2014-09-28 11.31.18 2014-09-28 11.30.58

Takeshita-dori is the main street, which was super crowded and noisy, basically just lush! Everyone was intriguing, everything was intriguing. I wandered freely, huddling every so often outside with the smokers at Starbucks to use the wifi. And I could smell chips.

I sort of skipped lunch in favour of yet more random snacks from the Seven Eleven. And it’s hard to find restaurants sometimes, they’re either hidden, or upstairs. In England, we like to see through the window before we pop in!

I am also so busy looking at things, that I’m not buying any souvenirs either!! I’ll be panic buying at the airport at this rate!

When I got back on the train, I found I had two tingling bites. It was unusual for my scaly Greek skin to be bitten, so naturally I worried for 3 stops, then forgot about it. My next stop was going to be Akihabara, Electric Town!

2014-09-28 13.39.13 2014-09-28 13.32.29 2014-09-28 13.28.09 2014-09-28 13.22.43 2014-09-28 13.19.57 2014-09-28 13.17.31

My senses were assaulted from the moment I walked out of the station. Tokyo gives me a pain behind my eyes. I am so enthralled by everything I see, sometimes I burst out laughing inside. I’m unsure why. But it’s just so stimulating, it’s utterly manic.

It’s exhausting me just writing about it, chat later hey. You’ll just have to imagine electric town, or wait for the pictures. Hah!

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