When summer’s over, we get sad. We still want it to be summer, but it can’t be… as each day that goes by, blah blah, poetic interlude avoided… But, what about enjoying the next best thing, something that reminds us of summer??

Oh, Abelia, you’re a beauty! Not everyone knows about you, although they’ve probably seen you and wondered! You’re quite a shy plant really.. small leaves, smallish flowers, but each of your blooms packs a fragrant punch, and overall you give a lovely blushing effect.

Abelia is a shrub, one that can be easily trimmed and shaped. It makes a smart hedge, with it’s sweet fragrance hovering above it, at all times. Abelia has that glorious summer feel- yet in autumn- it’s a plant that makes you smile. It’s incredibly hardy too. Here’s my favourite too… a variety called ‘Kaleidoscope’, which is showy even before the blooms are out, just look at kick-ass gorgeous leaves..! Why not quietly take a moment to enjoy this plant porn:

Abelia 'Kaleidoscope' Abelia_Kaleidoscope_TMHF-17

You can buy one here too!

So, don’t sitting around thinking ‘…oh, Abelia flowers too late in the season for me’. Let it arrive late to the party, because when it gets there it’ll shine, and go on longer than those marigolds which have gone home for a cosy hot chocolate in bed!

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