So, it’s a week until I run the Dirty Dozen race and I have been asked to write about how I’m feeling. Let me think, 12 kilometres, I don’t even know how many obstacles, and I HATE running – seems I’m dreading it!

I’m feeling guilty that I haven’t practised more, and about that last slice of pizza I ate! I’m feeling scared that I might be the most unfit person participating and that I might have to be dragged around the course. I’m feeling nervous about all the obstacles, especially the ones that involve dragging myself through water – I knew watching clips of the race on YouTube was a bad idea.

But, I’m also feeling proud that I’m supporting a great charity called Perennial, I’m glad I can help, even in just a small way towards their cause. Click to donate.

I’m excited to challenge myself and test my limits and endurance. I’m also feeling lucky to have been included in such a warm, welcoming team of people and I’m looking forward to meeting those I don’t already know and putting our teamwork to the test.

Maybe I am looking forward to the race?

See you at the finish line – I hope!

Rachel is a food blogger and patisserie chef, and can be found on twitter as @bakewithrachel

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