You cannot resist enjoying this time of year for the autumn colours; everywhere I go I’m greeted with piercing citrus yellows, burning oranges and seductive scarlets- which look all the more gorgeous on days when the skies are clear and blue!

Throughout the summer, plants are very, very green. This is because the chlorophyll produce oodles of energy stores and, whilst in full production, this can mask other pigments. As production ceases in the autumn, the yellows and oranges of the carotenoides become visible!

And, what’s even better, this year feels like a vintage year thanks to the ‘indian summer’ we enjoyed back in September. Those warmer days increased sugar production in the plants, and increased the development of anthocyanins, which are those pigments which glow crimson, red and purple!

So, it’s obvious that foliage gives us great autumn colour, but how else can we jazz up our October and November gardens?? It can be easy to overlook other options, such as: autumn-flowering bedding plants, decorative seed-heads, later season flowering plants and a few other unique gems!

Visit my gallery on Facebook to see the range available! More than 25 gorgeous photos, and some plants you wont be expecting too…!

Simply click on the photo below to be taken on a journey of discovery!




  • The last photo is particularly beautiful. What is it of?

    October 28, 2015
  • I agree the last photo is very beautiful

    October 30, 2015

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