I’m so excited.

Our 2016 Thompson & Morgan Spring Catalogue has now landed on doormats up and down the country and I can FINALLY tell you about some of the most exciting plants in there (and, of course, those plants are all on the website too!) I’ll be teasing a few of them through my Facebook page over the next few weeks, but here’s a guide of some of my favourites…

Well, the biggest wow factor plant is possibly new ‘Egg and Chips’, the next step in our dual cropping vegetable plants! In case you didn’t guess from the name, this is 1 plant that is half aubergine-half potato! Read more here! As with the now world famous TomTato, it’s another uniquely grafted plant; 100% natural, 200% exciting! The magic of grafting also means these aubergines seem to ripen better in our UK climate too! You’ll get at least 3, and around 2kg of tatties under the ground!

Next up. Petunias. We have a big promo running on these during 2016, and lots of new ones to shout about! How do you like ‘Cremissimo’, ‘Cloud 9’ and ‘Purple Rocket’??

Petunia breeding has come so far in the last few years; giving colours never seen before, improved weather tolerance (especially given how floppy the flowers used to be!) and nonstop summer flowering! Big up the Petunia! And don’t forget to marvel at ‘Night Sky’ too…!

'Night Sky'

Fuchsias have always produced edible berries, but they haven’t always tasted that good.. However, we’ve been beavering behind the scenes breeding and selecting for sweetness and flavour, productivity and to be a damn good garden plant. We are fairly sure we’ve cracked it with the Fuchsia Berry! It’s a handsome plant too, for borders, pots or even a patch on the allotment!


With so much to choose from in the first 20 or so pages of new items, it could be easy to miss some of the newer shrubs nestled in the back. But do look out for Scabious ‘Kudos’, the bee and butterfly magnet that never stopped flowering in our trial garden! Or how about cheeky Acer ‘Starfish’, with ever-intensifying red foliage… And, for fragrance, Carnation ‘Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow’.. a mouthful, but so named for its constant-changing flowers, 3 colours on 1 plant at any time!

So, either request a copy of the catalogue HERE, browse the range HERE, or look out for my daily updates from 6 January onwards, on on my Facebook page…!


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