First things first, Amaryllis, (anyone who listens to Iggy will get that reference): I have not been asked to write this blog. It’s my true feelings, but it’s gonna be as advertorial as heck!

I really love the RHS garden at Wisley. Even since I was a teenager, and even more in recent years. I find it like a bit of a (mega) sweet shop- with a bit of everything. There’s something for everyone, in every weather.

I mention the weather as today’s visit was bitingly cold. I’m known for my indifference to cold temperatures, but this year has gripped me by the *****! Even in the cold though, there’s winter interest from the usual suspects, but also from some strategic non-tidying, check out the skeletal Hydrangea florets! And, for the weaker, there’s always indoors, and the glasshouse was in it’s full glory today, once the mist on my iPad had cleared!

And, jeez, I LOVE the alpine house, and unusually recognised quite a few beauties today, from the banana-fragranced Muscari macrocarpum to the stunningly photogenic Oxalis versicolor!

So…. rather than dribbling on giving them more advertising, I’m just going to paste some photos below, enjoy!!!

  • Matt, you’re so right about RHS Wisley even during a dormant season you’ve been able to find colour, the exotic, scent and the bizarre! Beautiful day to have been for a visit. Your post has inspired me to awake from a wintry slumber and get out there!

    January 15, 2016
  • Was that really yesterday? I visited this time last year and it was not just cold but dark and gloomy! I didn’t see the glass houses – pity – but I have a similar affection for RHS Harlow Carr 🙂

    January 16, 2016

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