I’ve had such a busy time over the last few weeks, not just physically but mentally too. My life is full of schedules and planning, so time out is becoming increasingly important. My iPhone calendar has hardly any entries for the next week, which is RARE. I’ve usually got reminders for everything from meetings to when to put the wheelie bin out!

I seem to have inadvertently booked myself onto a week long holiday though, as little old Southend airport only flys out to Barcelona once a week! But, this ain’t no package holiday, I’m partially winging it, just me and a Jeep-branded backpack. This is gonna be a test run for bigger things.

I’m not a full backpacker yet though, as I sit on the plane in a deliciously hybrid outfit; pixie suede shoes, skinny’s, an XXL T and a denim hoodie. But somehow it works! But, in true backpacker style, I’ve packed as light as I dare, and WILL be washing my underwear in a sink somewhere midweek!

The electronic essentials have all come with me too. Since I did a year travelling around 6 years ago, times have changed. A wifi huddle is often needed to quickly book accommodation, consult maps, and of course, to show off on social media…!

I haven’t booked all my accommodation either, shock horror oh my gosh! The first night will be in a hostel, a bed in a mixed dorm, for my first time ever. Watch this space for the full report. Will they have towels? Do I hide my phone in my pillowcase? Is my snoring publicly acceptable?? I’m also a bit nervous that I won’t get into the city centre until almost 11pm.. Will I need to use my iPhone torch to find my bed in a room of bodies?! Better make sure I’m fully charged up. Another bane of the travellers life, never entering a cafe without scouring the room for sockets!

To be continued….

  • Very interesting adventure Micheal. Have a great trip and make sure you get the rest you need .I will be reading yr updates

    April 8, 2016

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