First, a disclaimer. It has been remarked that my travel blog is rather melancholy. Well, it is, yes, but it’s all ironic. If you ever met me, you’d know I’m one of the most positive people you could ever meet (I was once referred to as a brutal optimist, in fact!)

But, a travel blog where everything is pretty, oh we had a lovely time, then we went there, blah blah, would be really dull huh!? So, I deliver it with a (cute) realism instead.


I got a little bit of a tan. Bargain. I wore white pants afterwards just to prove it (to myself!)
In the evening, I packed my coat and wooly lumberjack shirt into my rucksack and went on a wander. I did a few circles, as I realised my navigation skills were not as advanced as I thought! I finally landed at Placa Reial, touristy, but one of my favourite eating spots. Ocanya is a kinda funky tapas place too! 

I had various potato-based tapas, realised I couldn’t feel my legs and then went back to the hotel to drink horchata on the bed. My bad sleep meant I was asleep by 10pm. Not really that Spanish. 

I chose to go for the buffet breakfast again, but ate more this time, and items of higher value. I then made my way to my 11am appointment with La Pedrera. I was wearing shorts. Most Spanish people were wearing puffer jackets. What do they know that I don’t?

In La Pedrera, you can choose an audio tour. I didn’t, because I don’t like having sounds in my ears when I’m walking. 95% of the other people did, and become zombies.

La Pedrera is fab though. It’s just absolutely nutty, and I love it. And, did you know, the twisted, bizarre column structures are actually useful, with utilities inside! I do wonder how many people would fall off the building though, if the barriers weren’t there. Just like I always wonder how many people drive into dykes in the Netherlands. 

I wandered deeper into the city afterwards, and lots of runners were walking the other way. I have missed my opportunity to do the Barcleona marathon, or something. Damn. 

I am now sitting having a second breakfast. To be honest, I thought I had ordered a smoothie, but when it arrived it was the components of. My Spanish is still quite poor. 

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