I had become a restless backpacker, and I planned to return to Barcelona city the next day. So, I booked a (typically funky) hostel and packed up my things. One breakfast in the businesswomen’s cafe, another Thai trampling, and I was good to go!

I didn’t actually sleep that well, but when the masseur asked me if I had, I said I did. I hope he doesn’t read this.

As I paid my hotel bill, I realised my social media published cost of £25 per night was incorrect. It had indeed been £50 per night, not £50 for 2 nights. Sorry guys, do not flock to Hotel Subur! Although, the views were nice enough, and it’s still less than a Premier Inn.

I eagerly boarded the train to the city. It was packed. Ugh. I read my copy of The Sun newspaper and attempted to blend in. There are times when I look nicely foreign. This wasn’t one of them.

When I alighted at Passeig de Gracia, I noticed how varied the states of dress were in this city. There are people in HUGE winter coats, some in light anoraks, and others (usually from the UK) in Bermuda shorts.

My hostel was SUPER FUNKY. I felt old. Oh, and I’m in a bunk bed tonight. I am too long (and old) for it.

I wandered to the Sagrada. Well, I got the tube, then later found it’s only 5 minutes from the hostel. I was most excited to see the workmen, as I found this rather symbolic and current. I was rather awe-struck inside the building, so for those of you who think I’m always moaning, this is not so. I had booked to go up the ‘passion’ tower too! We went up in the lift, and then I gently came down the stairwell, gripping the sides like a true vertigo sufferer, (yet I will jump from a plane…. go figure that?!)

I also got some great shots from the lake opposite, which I’m sure they only built for cathedral-style photo opportunities.

I later mounted the city and visited Park Guell. I first stopped for coffee and detected the sales girl calling me ‘guapo’. I was less guapo after a giant Canola though, truth be told. The hills are crazy on the way to Guell, yet many OAP’s were managing it quite alright. Gulp!

The park is superb. Look out for the photos. I couldn’t get near to the viewpoint for Instagrammers, but- heck- I’d been before. I was only spoiling myself.

Anyway, wish me luck tonight, and let’s do a sweepstake on two things. 1) how many times I need a wee in the night. 2) how many times I will fall out of the bunk fulfilling this prophecy.

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