When it comes to decorating your home, don’t forget the huge range of LIVING materials that are available to you! Indoor plants won’t just look attractive, but they’ll also purify the air, so why not freshen your home with plants! and add a feel good factor to your home. But, it doesn’t stop there, cut blooms of all shapes and sizes can also do the same work!

By choosing the right plant for the right place, you can ensure maximum growing and decorative effect. For example, ferns love the moist environment a bathroom can give, plus they look fantastic against the crisp white backdrop of a well-built bathroom suite. Orchids can jazz up a living room or dining room with their flamboyance, try them in these open-sided containers, and they can be grown a little out of direct sunlight too.

There’s as much choice with containers as there is plants nowadays; from metallic to pastel, cork to aluminium. You could also be inventive and repurpose an item from the home; perhaps even an old baked bean tin can! You can customise any container too, why not fill glass containers with decorative stones and gravel before you fill them with a layer of compost, as you can see here!

If you haven’t got the surface space, remember you can also affix containers to the wall, and give a whole different effect, as those plants will dress your walls with living colour, such as these nice gold containers. Decorating in homes and gardens can be exciting, innovative and uber colourful! I hope these indoor plant tips will also inspire you with some garden ideas!

When choosing cut flowers, don’t just go for the cheap, supermarket bunches either! Choose for shape, form, colour, fragrance- and ultimately something that matches your interior decor! These are silk blooms, which still look as good as fresh!

My general advice is to think of indoor plants as an extra decoration piece for your home, and I really urge you to consider using them, and display them with pride!. So, next time you choose a fresh trinket or ornament, perhaps go for something that’s living instead..

This is a collaborated post, working with homify, the online platform for home and living. They write about topics concerning design, living and home improvement.

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