The greatest flower show on earth is almost coming to an end. Later today, the bell shall ring, and gardeners will get dirty, as the grand sell off begins! Within just a few hours, the show benches will be bare, but plenty of happy faces will be clutching giant Delphiniums as they make their tube journey home.

It feels frivolous to say it, but 2016 really has been the best year of Chelsea ever. The floral marquee was absolutely spot on; with traditional displays, innovation, new plants of every type, and a visible thirst for horticulture from each and every attendee.

Outside, there were gardens that created discussion, ones that challenged politics and beliefs, ones that made you smile and ones that made you wince. Whatever opinions you may have had of the gardens, you were talking about them, and spreading the floral Chelsea vibe!

So, if you haven’t been able to visit the show for whatever reason, why not sit back and enjoy this ‘armchair flower show’…

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