So. much. rain. Even Tina Turner couldn’t stop it! Well, that’s how it is in Suffolk this week anyway. I’m soon swapping my Volvo for a boat!

Anyway, wherever you live, it’s a good idea to be aware of moisture-loving plants. Plants that genuinely enjoy soils that become waterlogged easily.. No rain macs required!

Hydrangea! These plants are so thirsty that they’ll put up with wet feet for short periods of time! The macrophylla types are the ones to choose, they’re architectural, easy to grow, free-flowering and enjoy sun or dappled shade. Here’s a few beauts to get wet with!

Now we know Iris enjoy wet soils, but which ones really  love a paddle?? Well, it’s the sublime Iris sibirica series! Here’s a super sparkly variety named ‘Concord Crush’, which has so many petals it doesn’t know what to do with itself- the result being a delightfully crested bloom!

Iris Sibirica Concord Crush_Supp Walter Blom







Another hardy perennial that is a big fan of getting moist is Astilbe- with it’s theatrical plumage. It’s hard not to chuckle at the word plumage too, isn’t it! My Nana used to have big clumps of Astilbe, and I hardly knew anyone else that grew it. To be honest, it’s still the same today. Come on, let’s make it trendy!

astilbe_ja_montgomery (1)_Supp Zenflora





Lastly, let’s look at bedding! Whilst not enjoying over-wet situations, Begonias will stay shiny and keep flowing throughout all manner of rain showers, so make sure you choose some for your summer display!

I also asked my followers for their ‘waterproof’ plant suggestions, and here’s what they said:

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