Okay, you’re following my blog, so the likelihood is you’re either a gardener or you have a strong interest in plants and gardens! Where do you go to indulge in your love of beautiful blooms?? Probably Instagram, right? Once you’ve sifted through the myriad of moggies and michelin-star dishes that is!

What if there was a visual social media platform where you were sheltered from all that guff, and it was PURE, adulterated plants and gardens?! An app where you could learn about plants, get inspired to try new plants and gardening tricks, and heck- perhaps even show off your own garden once in a while. Well, Gardentags IS that app.

With 40,000 downloads in just 60 days, you don’t want to hang around. I’ve joined up, and I think you should too! This exclusive app for gardeners and plant lovers now plays home to over 230,000 comments on photos, which could be gushes of admiration, words of encouragement or nuggets of advice!

The app has 1 MILLION likes on photos already. These could be photos of your garden, your friends garden, a pretty honeysuckle you spotted in a hedgerow, or even some cute toadflax growing in a drain. The most important thing is, you can partake at whatever level you like. You can just sit back and enjoy the pretty floral parade, or you can interact and swap notes, or even better- contribute to the unique, crowd-built plant encyclopaedia, which growing by the hour!

Whether you’re a novice or a forgetful know-it-all, the handy plant identifier can help you out. This feature asks the crowd to help in identifying your puzzling plant, using the power of horticultural knowledge, so we can all learn from each other! You can also upload photos of your own garden, and log it as such, and look back on it through the seasons. Perhaps use it to build your own library of the plants in your garden!

The Gardentags community is growing stronger by the day too, and with some meet ups happening offline too. So…… why not get online now, and enjoy 60,000 photos- and none of them are paella. That’s got to be worth a download, right?? JOIN NOW!



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