Plants of my childhood

I have been growing plants since I was just 5 years old! My obsession started early. I have so many memories of gardening with my Nana and Granddad in their garden. I also sneaked lots of plants home, soon taking over my parents garden, and denying my father the ground to grow his regular beetroot crop! In this blog, I want to explore some of the plants I used to grow back then. In recent years, those plants may have become less popular, BUT quite a few of them are about to come back WITH A BANG!

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  1. seamagu says:

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    Some really good specimens discussed by mrplantgeek….trendsetter extrodinaire

  2. That Cocks Comb looks interesting, I wonder how it would perform as a potted plant in a floral display….. Hmmmm.

  3. Oh wow, they are all stunning, haven’t heard of most of them either, thank you for sharing your flowers and memories.

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