If you want to create an outdoor space like no other, with bespoke decorations, plants and furniture, then you should step right through the doors of fresh gardening show, GROW London! I’m desperately trying to avoid the word ‘hipster’, but even non-gardeners can find plenty to enthral at this polished show; with botanical art, succulent innovation, unique houseplant receptacles and so much more..

I was lucky to be invited to the preview evening where gin and wine were flowing, however I studiously gripped my cappuccino and set off to discover the latest cool gardening and outdoor brands! Read on to discover my TEN favourite products and plants from the show:

ONE. Dee Monti: a friendly designer who has put together a fantastic range of ‘houseplant homes’, as well as some upside-down versions, which make entertaining wall vases for any cut flower! Dee is self-taught, and all materials and plants are sourced locally. Visit Dee’s website to discover the full range of shapes and sizes. Each design is fresh, clean and beautifully minimalist. Born out of a love for nature and geometry, each piece is handmade by Dee.

TWO. This Way to the Circus: I stood for a good 2 minutes at this exhibit, simply amazed by the diminutive size, yet heavy detail of the clay horticultural figurines. I couldn’t resist buying myself a shiny Monstera pin badge either! I’m actually kicking myself that I didn’t buy any mini figurines now, I’ll have to give the website a browse!

THREE. Jardins Animes: This exhibit was so packed with kitsch gardening decorations that I didn’t know where to look first! However, the real eye-catchers, and certainly very popular on my Instagram, were the rustic ‘living wall cages’, which are perfect for succulents, houseleeks, moss and more!

FOUR. Boskke: Whilst many visitors gazed at the upside-down houseplants in amazement, I was more interested by the translucent planters, which I later learned act as a sneaky water reservoir too! They’re cool and contemporary, yet hugely sensible and great for lazy houseplant lovers (like me!)

FIVE. Trifolium ‘Peachy’: With so many fabulous plants to indulge in, I had to keep slapping myself! You see, I’m moving house soon, so buying plants would be highly impractical right now. From Arisaema to Podophyllum, the buzz themes were shape and architecture- but my final vote goes to the sublime Trifolium ‘Peachy’, a top border plant. It’s related to Clover and a doddle to grow!


SIX. Tanti Design: I have bought many outer pots for my houseplants over the years, and I’ve always found them a great way to help my plants suit the decor of the room. However, sometimes they’ve been cheap and plastic, and haven’t really reflected quality. Give your prized plant the container they deserve with this range from Tanti!

SEVEN. Troffle: Oops, they aren’t plants, but I think you’ll forgive me for including them in this review. The Troffle chocolate range is utterly sublime- not only do they look so good, but they taste a.m.a.z.i.n.g too! They are beautifully presented as well.. *scribbles onto mum’s birthday list.

EIGHT. Roff Knit StudioWho needs paintings and photographs on the walls when you can have plants!? Simply hang these strap plant holders onto any existing picture hooks and you can add greenery, bloom and air-purifying properties to your home. Now, isn’t that just bloody fab?!

NINE. Noocity Urban GrowbedI have seen various raised bed kits and so called ‘square metre gardens’ for growing vegetables in urban spaces, but the Noocity takes it a stage further, by adding a clever self-watering system. Your vegetables can now (almost) grow themselves! It is space-saving, great for beginners and requires NO DIGGING!

TEN. The Simple Things magazine: What a find! This uber cool magazine is all about slowing down, enjoying nature, gardens, flowers, herbs- maxing out on the FEEL GOOD FACTOR! Exceptionally well-designed, clean, fresh- even the read is relaxing, yet alone the content! Subscribe now!

mag1 mag2

GROW London is open from 24-26 June 2016 on Hampstead Heath, and the quesadillas are VERY GOOD!!

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