On Friday 30 September, I will be leaving my job at Thompson & Morgan after 18 (EIGHTEEN) years.

I have had a brilliant time at the company (affectionately known as T&M), and it has changed me from a somewhat shy teenager to a confident plantsman with a nice side car of marketing skills.

Over 18 years, I must have introduced more than 1,500 plants into the UK- from wacky plants such as the TomTato and the Egg and Chips plant to more sensible, practical inventions such as Climbing Geranium ‘Skyrocket’!

I am so grateful for all the experiences that the company has encouraged me to try- and succeed in, and with particular credit to Mr Paul Hansord for giving me those pushes!

I have really enjoyed my extremely varied job role! I’m not sure which other job could get you onto The One Show in a peasant outfit, revealing the potatoes at the base of a TomTato plant to the actress Sarah Parrish off of TV show ‘Cutting it’!

From my very early days hand-pollinating Verbascum ‘Copper Rose’ at the breeding site to numerous long drives from QVC Italy in Milan back to England, stopping for cauliflower-shaped Swiss cheese at most of the service stations…

From my claim to fame (leaning over Lulu to get my shirt) to playing vending machine roulette after a long tiring day in the QVC studios…

From wearing suits that are too tight on press days to the introduction of the fabled Goji Berry…

From my wobbly moment on The Titchmarsh Show (where I tried to talk posh) to my regular squealing noises of excitement about plants..

It has all been rather fun!

So, here’s a ‘This is your Life’ style montage to celebrate the best of times! (Over the next few weeks, I may even delve into my archives at home and find some more shameful plant geek moments to share!)

Where am I going? I am going to travel ! If you refer to my previous article, stuff, you’ll find out that I’ve been on a life diet over the last few months, in order to switch things up a bit. Please follow my adventures, either through this blog, or by clicking on the social media sites button on my homepage.

Special mention goes to Jonathan Ward for the featured image on this blog.

  • Best of luck to you fella, here’s to happy travels and great adventures.

    September 21, 2016

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