Continuing my ‘hidden horticulture’ series, I want to explore the plight of specialist nurseries. Occasionally hidden down small country lanes, off the beaten track, and with little funds for advertising, they can struggle to survive.

That’s where the colloquially named ‘Indie Plant Guide’ comes in to play! The antidote to the repetitive, almost factory-produced plant ranges of the DIY stores and multiples, the Independent Plant Guide is a growing directory of specialist growers and nurseries across the breadth of the UK! It could be set to be the saviour of the plant world, as it offers those nurseries some strong visibility to the wider world.




Divided into regions, it’s easy to find the coolest plant nurseries in the UK. I don’t care that I used the word cool either! To make things even easier, the website incorporates google maps, so you can click and go!

When visiting a smaller specialist nursery, you will experience more distinctive plant varieties, you will enjoy free of charge technical knowledge (related to those distinctive varieties), and can buy a more substantial, climate-prepared plant. DIY stores can give fairly good climate conditions, but don’t get me started on those indoor plant sections in Ikea, ugh!

So, for any consumers that don’t know where to start with their garden, don’t go and stand looking lost in the middle of a plant centre and then retired to the cafe in a frustrated manner. Instead, save the calories on the cake, and consider visiting a specialist nursery and getting that old fashioned service. You’ll walk out there with an armful of really special plants, suited to you, and set to flourish wherever you plant them!

Visit the Independent Nursery Guide here, or follow them on twitter to receive regular updates on additions to the nursery family!

Of course, if you’re a specialist nursery, you could always join the website, for details click here.

  • chrisbonanni2015

    Dearest Mr Geek

    Your latest email is brilliant, I am a retired specialist/small nursery and everything you have said I have been preaching for years! Garden centres make swear – range, price and lack of knowledge, mainly a place for mainly older people to have lunch. If I am physic the ‘personality ‘ on the tv programme you mention is Monty Don. Totally unpleasant and obsequious to known growers. Us small fry are invisible!

    I shall tell some grower friends of your guide. I will read it properly later but I hope you have included Heucheraholics, Jules and Sean , lovely people, personalities in buckets. You find them near Lymington. Please look for them.

    Keep on doing what you are doing, it’s all extra good.

    Chris (Bonanni) Wareham

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    October 18, 2016

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