18 things I know about China after just 48 hours


  1. Getting onto the internet involves a lot of work, dedication and a very precise chemical reaction.
  2. The bread is sticky and will leave those residues all over your bag.
  3. If you’re taking a taxi, don’t look out of the windows, you’ll feel safer not knowing about the impending traffic dangers.
  4. Be prepared to eat WHOLE prawns, shell and all.
  5. Whatever you didn’t expect to be in a sandwich, is in your sandwich.
  6. Bathrooms have a dimly lit charm, which can take years off you.
  7. Lettuce counts as a vegetable for boiling.
  8. Chinese conversations finish extremely abruptly, no long drawn out goodbyes like the English do.
  9. Coffee is not adored.
  10. Hotel security is so strong that you must pretend to be a female colleagues husband at all times.
  11. Men wear crop tops in the streets.
  12. Females hold hands in the street, males hold hands in the street. None of the aforementioned are gay.
  13. Anytime you mention something Japanese, you are frozen out of a conversation.
  14. Eating meat off the bone, with chopsticks, is harder than a rubik’s cube puzzle.
  15. Most skyscrapers are exactly the same size.
  16. Chinese Milk Tea is the nuts.
  17. Fruit is a common snack.
  18. Chinese people can sleep anywhere.

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