1. I may as well be an alien in the streets. People stare and sometimes people take clandestine photos of me.
  2. I have never seen so many pairs of knickers and bras for sale
  3. Every shopping centre is a labyrinth, full of the aforementioned underwear.
  4. There is nobody here taller than my shoulder height, apart from one Czech guy that I met.
  5. Given the free form nature of the food, how does it not spill onto a Chinese persons clothes more?
  6. It’s acceptable, and comfortable, to drink hot drinks with straw.
  7. The irony of pizza gloves.
  8. There is a currency note which is worth around 2 pence.
  9. It’s confusing to know how many items of clothing to remove before a massage, and you’ll probably get it wrong.
  10. No barber shop knows how to trim a beard.
  11. Not knowing your sauces means you could end up enjoying meatloaf with a dash of peanut butter. 
  12. The elevators tend to lack sensors, so you could lose an arm.
  13. You know that week at Christmas when the supermarkets are crazy. That’s every day in a Chinese supermarket.
  14. You have to be agile to pay the bill when spending time with Chinese hosts.
  15. It’s impossible to cut noodles with chopsticks.
  16. A boy holding a girls hand, whilst simultaneously holding another girls hand, is not the beginning of a threeway.
  17. Apparently, cheese and tea go together in drinks.
  18. A horse riding simulator in a shopping centre is not regarded as kinky in the slightest.

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