1. There are many occasions when I think a fork would be quicker.
  2. Do Chinese people have similar concerns over using a knife and fork?
  3. I will need to get used to the freedom of being able to spit bones out onto my plate (or table).
  4. As an English person, I always make sure my food debris is covered with a serviette.
  5. Chinese old people are so supple.
  6. I couldn’t quite explain why the Chinese guy at the urinal was looking down at my urinal.
  7. Not every plug fits into every socket, there is no rhyme or reason to this.
  8. This may not be China specific, but sometimes I have literally no idea how to empty the bathwater.
  9. Or the myriad of lights in a hotel room.
  10. When in public, some Chinese will walk up to me and poke me to check that I’m real (this applies mostly in the rural areas).
  11. The irony of Gucci; the English buy fake, the Chinese buy real (from Bicester).
  12. I bought a new jacket in Shanghai, it has a space where I can create the pockets myself.
  13. Roxette in pan pipes form does exist.
  14. If you’re someone who doesn’t like people getting in your way, don’t come to China.
  15. It’s actually quite fun to have a licence to push in crowds.
  16. One must get used to the sound of a fellow human ‘hacking up’.
  17. It’s impossible to upload a video to Instagram.
  18. The Chinese taxi drivers are some of the best drivers in the world.
  • You could also spit your bones on the floor….

    November 3, 2016

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