18 things about India 

  1. With Indians, the very smallest things cause chaos and head waggling.
  2. After puzzling for five minutes, I still had no idea how to use the showering device provided in the toilet.
  3. Indians like taping things up.
  4. Breakfast is cold curry.
  5. India is the only place that you might hear a pneumatic drill at night.
  6. Cauliflower is popular and often cooked beyond recognition.
  7. A busy road will feature at least 25 of the following; cars, buses, lorries, rickshaws and cows.
  8. A lot of things in India are brown.
  9. There are many types of bread.
  10. No Indian will believe that your tattoos are real.
  11. It’s so easy to drop the ball in regard to hygiene, especially when ice cream is mentioned.
  12. You won’t ever have to worry about finding a bin for your rubbish.
  13. They like moustaches (the men).
  14. You have no idea if their waffling head is saying yes or no to you.
  15. An Indian speaking English can be understood by another Indian, yet not an English person.
  16. You have no choice in how to have your beverage, as it is usually pre-mixed.
  17. When travelling in Indian transport, never look at the road ahead.
  18. You have to like rice.

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