So good it deserved an article all of it’s own! I would like to introduce Fuchsia ‘Icing Sugar’, the cover boy of the latest Thompson & Morgan catalogues, and one of my new plant findings.

Please allow me 5 bullet points to convince you to buy this beauty!

  1. The frosted edge of each petal is a pattern seldom seen in the Fuchsia world.
  2. The shape of the plant is round like a beach ball, and the flowers face upwards and outwards, and are never hidden!
  3. It will thrive in a cool, shady corner. That’s a position your Petunia would surely complain about!
  4. Whilst not hardy, this is a Fuchsia that it a true patio plant, thanks to it’s shape and it’s non-stop flowering.
  5. Don’t forget you can eat the blooms AND the berries!

You NEED this Fuchsia, click to buy now.


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