If anyone ever asks me my favourite flower (which is my least favourite question..), I usually mumble Iris. But, I think it actually IS my favourite. I have fond memories of painting an Iris on a stone for my Nana when I was at school. I also used to marvel over her Bearded Iris patch, and we used to guess the colours of the blooms by the shade of the rhizomes..

Plus, Iris come in so many different shapes and forms, and for so many different positions in the garden. However, this time of year brings a particular special type of Iris- the reticulata. Small, perfectly formed,and perfectly following the slipstream of the mighty snowdrop. In fact, I think they deserve being obsessed over as much as snowdrops are. So, I pronounce Iris-mania officially ‘a thing’.

These Iris often have a sweet fragrance too. They’ll grow in open ground or the rockery, but are said to re-bloom each year more reliably when grow in containers. Here are 5 particularly handsome ones to tempt you! Buy ‘Eye-catcher’ here!

  • Like the sound of Lady Beatrice Stanley if it smells of violets.

    February 17, 2017
  • Absolutely beautiful! Particularly fond of the ‘Eyecatcher’ A new addition for the garden this year I think 😊

    February 19, 2017

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