Each week I will be sharing some of my favourite plants and flowers with you, to help give you some new ideas for things to try in your own garden. They’ll always be fresh, new, exclusive, better growing, longer flowering, guaranteed-to-grow plants. So, let’s get things started around here!

Strawberry ‘Just Add Cream’

Everyone loves strawberries, but how often do you buy any in the supermarket that actually taste sweet?? They usually taste of water, and aren’t usually fully ripe. I just hate seeing that white, unripe rim around the top. Ugh!

strawberry-just-add-cream_tmhf-13It’s impossible to buy sweet berries in the supermarkets, as with that sweetness comes a thinner skin; a delicate, less transportable skin. The only way to grow sweet strawberries is to go to a pick your own farm, or grow your own! And, if you really want to experience that vintage, how-strawberries-used-to-taste feel, plump for ‘Just Add Cream’.

The name says it all, so sweet you won’t need sugar. Small, perfectly formed fruits are produced in abundance all through from May until October, so not just during Wimbledon season! The flavour is more like a wild strawberry, and the fruits so round and neat that hulling is super easy.

Strawberry Just Add Cream

AND THEN, the flowers! We must mention the flowers. This is a strawberry plant you will want to grow in window boxes, hanging baskets, patio pots.. Perhaps you’ll even forget that it produces fruit, as those flowers are so pretty in PINK!

Strawberry Just Add Cream

In fact, growing strawberries in hanging containers and pots gives you a much more bumptious crop, as the fruits aren’t dragging on the ground, getting muddy and encouraging pests to burrow into them and enjoy them for themselves..


Go and find out more about this superb ball of sweetness!



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