Can something so delicate be easy to grow…? When it comes to ‘Popstars’, the answer is YES! This Phlox is small and perfectly formed, with sparkly blossoms all summer!

You may know Phlox as a tall border plant which often succumbs to dusty mildew.. However, that’s the perennial form, Phlox paniculata. ‘Popstars’ is actually an annual, and from Phlox drummondii. It is super easy to grow from seed, in fact you can even sprinkle the seed straight outdoors. Plants will go happily on sunny banks, amongst rockeries, or in patio pots.

And, then the flowers! The FLOWERS! Oh my gosh, each one is actually only a couple of centimetres across, but they’ll cover the plants so much you won’t see the foliage! What lovely bouncy little plants, make sure you get up close and personal to them to appreciate that full starry beauty!

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