1. Customising my meal, perhaps by tipping the side coleslaw over the main dish and adding salt and pepper
  2. Getting irritated and feeling like my elbows hurt, due to restricted space and the unspoken sharing of the arm rest with a fellow passenger
  3. Reading magazines much more in depth than on land
  4. Answering the air steward with my headphones in, and it seeming like I’m shouting
  5. Sleeping for what feels like 16 hours, but it’s actually only 16 minutes
  6. Watching a complete series of Sex and the City, every time 
  7. Always asking for 2 drinks at a time when the steward passes, the additional treat usually being a sparkling water
  8. Feeling like every other passenger that gets on is faffing about, even if they take as long as to get on and unpack as I did
  9. Always pausing my music too late and missing the important content of any overhead announcements
  10. Feeling shameful that I’m listening to a Louise playlist, and turning it 45 degrees away from any fellow passenger when I change tracks
  11. Considering getting something out of my bag for at least an hour before I can be bothered to do so
  12. You’ll probably get off the plane not knowing what the person next to you actually looked like
  • Louis Riehm

    I’m exactly the same except for #6 and #10.

    March 6, 2017

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