I lurrrrve Instagram, not just for the cats sleeping on shelves, but also for the wonderful world of plants! There are some incredibly innovative and creative accounts on Instagram, and I wanted to share my favourite 5 with you all. Enjoy!

ONE. Paper houseplants by @corriebethmakes

These paper creations are just amazing, and I love their clean, crisp lines. You would be forgiven for mistaking them for the real thing…!

TWO. Flat-lay with plant harvests by @silverpebble2

Just gorgeous, and well deserving of the 10,000’s of likes these creations receive! Often with a unique blend of pencil drawings and live flower samples too.

THREE. The letters of the day with @hetgroenlab

Judith Baehner is a plant craft expert, and her travels and workshops are depicted in her daily photos with some rather cute wooden letters!

FOUR. Knitted orchids by @mencser

A relatively unknown account, but worth a follow to discover the wonderful world of knitted orchids!

FIVE. The mind-blowing creations of talented @nutmegclove

I have been admiring these creations for a long time now, and really wish I was that creative myself!

So, go follow those top 5 accounts and find out more about the hidden world of plant craft! You can always follow me too and, whilst I’m not so creative, I do fill my timeline with lots of plants to salivate over…! Click me up!

  • A great selection! I have subscribed to them all! Thanks for sharing.

    March 16, 2017

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