Every so often, a plant comes along that changes the way us plant geeks think… Penstemon ‘Pentastic’ is one such plant. In fact, I have even dubbed it the ‘patio penstemon’. Plants are short, branching and flower for months on end. They aren’t just a plant for using in cottage garden borders anymore, something has changed!

I want you to shock your Marigolds by planting ‘Pentastic’ alongside them in pots and bedding!

Bred by one of the UK’s most inventive and skilled plant breeders, Fred Yates, these Penstemon have been TWENTY years in the making. Traditionally, Penstemon have been seen as late season performers, and were often shy to flower before midsummer. ‘Pentastic’ is blossoming from the end of June, and motors right past the traditional late summer Penstemon, finishing up in October. How many of you have that old Duracell bunny advert in your heads right now??

So, it isn’t a level playing field anymore, the Geraniums and Petunias have some competition in your patio pots! ‘Pentastic’ is available in 3 vibrant colours, each with that seductive and ‘typically Penstemon’ centre. The blooms will keep on coming too, as the plant is self-branching. This means you won’t have to pinch/prune it to encourage such behaviour. Plants are hardy too, so you can leave them out over the winter.

Aside from the aforementioned abilities in patio pots, don’t forget this Penstemon will also perform well as a bedding plant, thanks to that long-flowering and tidy habit at just a foot tall. Another brand new concept! And, even when you use it a cottage garden plant, it’ll be self-supporting, long lasting and more valuable than any Penstemon you’ve tried before!

It’s kinda obvious why it picked up a ‘Grower of the Year’ award for Genesis Plant Marketing recently!

Why not snap up some plants now, and enjoy your first flowers THIS SUMMER!

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