Mr Plant Geek recently asked me ‘What is it that gets you going?’ Don’t worry, I thought the same thing, then quickly realised he meant about gardening… my smut-free answer was:

“It has to be the magic of growing my own produce from a tiny inconspicuous seed, it gets me ridiculously excited every time I see a little seedling pop it’s head up through the soil. It’s like Christmas with a big sense of pride thrown in for good measure.”





Why did I want an allotment in the first place? The answer is simple; I love being outside, I needed a new challenge in life and I wanted to be as self-sufficient as possible. I used to weight train in the gym at least 5 times a week, I was the one that was always in there, that lone ranger female amongst all the heavy weight lifting men, head phones in and focused.

Nutrition is key when training to compete, without it you will fail. I spent a fortune on fruit and vegetables to give me the vitamins I needed, let alone the gym membership. It was madness compared to the little cost I pay now. I wanted this to change, a different lifestyle, so I started growing a few seeds in containers. I had no idea what I was doing but I was up for the challenge and I succeeded. Carrots, chillies, salad leaves, peppers and even a marrow, all grown from seed in nothing bigger than a 50cm pot. I was hooked instantly!





The end of summer 2015 came and I got my first allotment, No.27, an abandoned overgrown plot full of waist high perennial weeds but oh so much hope. My plot neighbours thought I was mad when I turned up on the site, especially when they realised it was just me in my twenties with no clue about gardening, a full time corporate job and a degree to complete. What I did have though was a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm, plus a large streak of determination. Ok, and maybe a bit of madness, but the best of us do.

Juggling everything isn’t always easy as we all know but if you have a passion then you make time. I haven’t looked back since and my neighbours have realised I’m here to stay.

What I love about gardening is that unlike most things in life, it has no set rules, you can grow what you want, how you want, in any size space you have. There is no exact right way, as long as you have soil, seeds and water you will do great. Maybe a bit of patience too, that’s my downfall. In spring time, you will see me looking over seed filled pots on the windowsills at least once day, giving words of encouragement and willing them to succeed.







It’s all down to nature really and we have been gardening for thousands of years, but it is and always will be magical for many reasons to me. This is a magic that I want to share with as many people that are willing to listen to my energetic talks, read my journey ramblings or watch my upcoming videos.

Now, what started as a personal hobby has transformed my focus, my career ambitions and my entire life. All thanks to a tiny inconspicuous seed.






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