Delphiniums? What do you think of them? They can be lovely, yet so delicate! Their tall stature and gently arranged blossoms can often mean they succumb to any wind!

Well, ‘Flamenco’ is 200% more sexy than any Delphinium you’ve seen before, and I’ll tell you why..

‘Flamenco’ is part of the Highlander Series, and is bred in Scotland so able to put up with (semi) arctic temperatures and a (sometimes) tough environment. Well, you just know something’s gonna be good when it takes 20 breeding years to perfect.

Cottage garden feelings, wherever you want them!








The remarkable difference of ‘Flamenco’ is the blooms, they are double so have an extra layer (or more!) of petals. This gives them a cute pompom effect, and means they last longer too as there are more petals to fall. You’ll also find the blooms don’t blow away like their single-layered, more flimsy cousins!

Extra layer of petals protects them from wind!








‘Flamenco’ is also quite a bit shorter than a usual Delphinium, which means it looks uber cool in a patio container! This is a brand new way of growing Delphiniums, in fact a whole new way to create a cottage garden on your patio or balcony!

Looking handsome in a patio container!








Plants will live happily in a container for a few years, as they are a hardy perennial. ‘Flamenco’ blooms for a much longer period than many other types too, with tonnes of side branches, extending the display like a super-sized Happy Meal! It may also surprise you that they can be used as a cut flower too, just look at it’s oozing beauty..

A cut flower you’d never find in any florist!








So, if you want a plant that is pretty, reliable, great value and simple to grow.. look no further! Reserve your plants now!

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