Whilst there are some things that un-nerve and disgruntle an Englishman in America, there are quite a few things that are warming:

1. You seldom have to walk far.

2. The service, whilst working for a tip, is so attentive that you’ll hate being back in the U.K., where the service is lacklustre at best.

3. Everyone is super polite and DOES hold doors open for other people, LETS them pass, or OFFERS to help. Although this can get annoying if you just want to get something done quickly.

4. The coffee, THE COFFEE. In every flavour, even cheese (probably).

5. You can usually get what you want when you want it, except for a frozen Hawaiian pizza.

6. When speaking on the phone to a customer service representive, they are incredibly helpful and you’ll hear the phrase “no problem” at least 14 times.

7. You’ll start to find it fun learning the alternate words for things, and the amusement when they are muddled. For example, ‘fanny’ means ‘bum’ and an actual ‘fanny’ is simply ‘vagina’.

8. You’ll love those salads I moaned about in this article.

9. Cars are cute and cheap, especially baby blue convertible beetles.

There you go. I’m not just a grumpy English guy!

Although, the 9 things I don’t like in America are rather funny, go read them!

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