I’m (happily) based in Florida for a few weeks, whilst I present for USA channel, HSN. Whilst I’m here, I have TOTALLY fallen in love with St Petersburg. This charming city is chilled out, has just the right balance of alternative, plus it’s a botanics wet dream!!

Today I finally got to somewhere that everyone had been recommending to me, as they knew I was such a plant geek! That place was the Sunken Gardens, a grand title that magics up scenes from The Labyrinth!

Oddly, this is a piece of ground that was originally purchased by a plumber named George Turner, Senior! He put his DIY skills to work laying an elaborate maze of clay tiles, and drained the ancient lake to leave a rich soil, just ripe for an exotic garden!

By the early 1920’s, he was charging one nickel for tours of the lush grounds that he had created! 3 generations of the Turner family later continued his vision of mind boggling tropical displays, flowing ponds, flamingoes, and minions!

There are a few plants that I couldn’t identify so if you can help, please leave a comment!

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