Everyone knows the unashamed brightness of the yellow daffodil, but there are also thousands of colourful hybrids out there vying for your attention too! Some are orange, some are peach. Sadly, none of them are in mythical red, but there are some that are PINK!

Anyone that knows these ‘pink daffodils’ in real life will now be exclaiming ‘but, they’re salmon’… Ah well, you’re right. Of course, they aren’t PVC pink, but salmon is a shade of pink too, remember! In times gone by, some of the advertising literature did perhaps ‘over-egg’ the pinkness of those fabled varieties.

However, as a purity conscience infiltrated such brands, at the same time, breeders were coming up with even better ‘pinks’. Those two journeys collided and we now see before us a variety that is simply glorious, ‘Replete Improved’, and the picture a perfect depiction of the true pink daffodil.

Narcissus ‘Replete Improved’








Is it pink or not? You decide. But, either way, it’s truly magical.



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