Sharing my Top 10 Tulips with you all

I had such a great time at the Dutch bulb gardens of Keukenhof last week that you can expect many Tulip ūüĆ∑ posts! I hope you’re a Tulip fan like me…. (if you’re not, click here for a¬†general roundup)

But, right now, let’s have a look at 10 Tulip varieties that caught my eye!

Tulip Firewings is slender and sexy!
Tulip Brown Sugar is an amazing bronze colour!
Tulip Monsella is a showstopper!
Tulip Queensland has a lot to shout about!
Tulip Carrè is the closest to true blue!
Tulip Striped Sail is a vintage variety
Tulip Gavota really stands out from the crowd!
Tulip Double Sugar has a rich fragrance!
Tulip Continental shimmers in a true shade of black!
Tulip Estella Rijnveld is a floozy!

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  1. Nice selection. I grown ‘Brown Sugar’ every year without fail. It’s incredibly robust and the scent is fabulous. I have just 2 stems in my living room and they fill the whole room with perfume. I shall keep an eye out for Carr√® and Continental Shimmers in the next batch of catalogues. Both unique colours.

  2. Louis Riehm says:

    All beautiful examples. I most like the Carre, the lavender color is beautiful.

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