Flying has become such a large part of my life these days that I now get on a plane in the same way as I board a bus…! I’ve slowly learnt tips and tricks to ensure my flight experience is as smooth as possible too, and I want to share some of those with you!

Now, there are some airports that I enjoy spending time in, and ones that aren’t so welcoming. I’ve become quite good at finding little airport corners to hibernate in too. However, after 20 years of flying, I had never flown from London City Airport! This was new ground for the guys at KLM too!

For some reason, I knew it would be an intimate experience, mainly due to the fact that the airport is sandwiched on an island in the middle of the London city.

Soon, it was time to board my chariot, and everything was nicely on time! I adore the unique blue of the KLM decal and flight staff uniforms, and wondered if it was inspired by delft blue pottery. The boarding experience was swift, and the seats plump and comfy!

Then, we had the thrill of taking off at London City Airport!! Due to the short runway, the ascend is pretty steep and not for the faint-hearted! I found it entirely thrilling, and it gave an added bonus to the trip!

I snaffled the free snacks, admired the dutch accent and grace of the onboard staff, and then got to thinking about why I find flying so stress-free these days. So, here are a few of my tips:


Making flying easier for yourself.

ONE. Allow plenty of time at the airport. These days, it’s so easy to entertain yourself on an iPad or your mobile phone, that there should be no excuse for cutting yourself short when it comes to getting yourself ready and in place for a flight.

TWO. Stay hydrated! It’s more important than on the ground. And, no, you won’t need to wee any more often!

THREE. Always dress ‘temperature neutral’ for the plane journey. Don’t be the person arriving back into the UK during December wearing shorts! Even if you just have land luggage, remember to dangle a jacket from your backpack, in case the cabin gets chilly!

FOUR. Whenever you travel, carry some protein/cereal bars, because you never know what will happen or where you’ll end up!

FIVE. Invest in some noise-cancelling headphones, even if you don’t listen to music on them. They’ll reduce the impact of the moaning and groaning passengers that could be sitting nearby!!

The flight from London to Amsterdam is so short that I’d barely buckled my belt before I needed to bounce out of my seat again! For anyone not so keen on flying, this route is just perfect.

I found the KLM experience smooth, courteous and comfortable. I was amazed I’d never flown with them before, and later found out that they fly from 17 UK airports, and often going much further than Amsterdam too!

Grabbing some time to pose by the blue fleet!






Landing in Schipol airport is always a pleasure; there’s so much to see and do, it’s like a mini town! I noticed that lounge 2 had had a refit too. It was as much as I could do not to get caught up shopping when in fact I should been heading to my next stop, the Keukenhof bulb gardens.. oh yes, ‘Tulipmania’ was upon us!

Read all about my Keukenhof visit here!

Here’s a sneak preview!







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