Gosh! You guys aren’t shy, are you? I just can’t help wondering what the neighbours thought about your leafy antics! I bet there was many a curtain twitching on Saturday May 6th, 2017!

The first weekend of May each year is designated as “drop-your-pants and dig day”, and keen gardeners worldwide let the breeze flow as they spread their fertiliser (oo-er!) As if horticulture wasn’t smutty enough?!

2018’s day of nominated nakedness is Saturday 5 May. Will you be taking part….?

Maybe you find it more comfortable to garden in your birthday suit or perhaps you’re just a bit of a show off.. either way here’s a roundup of the best photos…! (and if these aren’t enough for you, click here for more!)

This Californian Garden Centre knows how to attract customers!

What a glorious sprouting plant Chris has!

Apparently, Heather kept her hat on for modesty!

When someone knocks on the door and all you can grab to cover yourself is a plant.

Is he playing that shovel like a guitar? Who cares!

Loving this super elegant pose, Sheila!

We wonder if Carrie revealed more than she intended when taking this picture!

Chris was devoted to the cause, signing up to twitter just to join in!

Tying back the jasmine in the altogether!

And, finally, the gardening team at QVC in the BUFF!

With special thanks to ‘The Tea Lady’ on twitter for the wonderful cover photo!

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