Hands up if you’re guilty of leaving pots and containers empty, or full of decaying plants, as the seasons change in your outdoor space…

Well, now there’s a quarterly subscription box service which can keep your outdoor space looking colourful, but with the very minimum of gardening knowhow, and Mr Plant Geek fans can get 30% off!

The subscription model has become popular in recent years, and is an excellent way of regularly topping up on a product or service, whatever you’re in need of. From snacks to men’s razors, underwear to beauty products; a subscription can offer convenience, but also surprise you and encourage you to try something new.

Now, let’s be honest, plants don’t always look good! We need to appreciate the seasons to ensure continuous colour through the year. Bloombox Club parcels can help you to replenish the living colour in your urban space with fresh deliveries of plants each quarter.

“Your urban area can become a jigsaw garden, refreshing and re-arranging as you move with the seasons.”

I’ll be bringing 35 years of horticultural expertise to the team at Bloombox Club and will be curating each and every box of plants before it’s delivered to your door. Each kit of plants is delivered with a uniquely written care card for each plant too. They’ll be written in a refreshing tone too, and won’t baffle with horticultural jargon!

Care cards included in every pack

If you feel you lack gardening knowhow, and are constantly frustrated by your trips to the garden centre or DIY store, then let Bloombox Club and Mr Plant Geek sort things out for you! I will be striving to cheer, satisfy and surprise you with the box contents each season!

The Small Outdoor Plants Box is great for urban spaces, and offers 5 specially chosen, seasonal plants for £59.00 per quarter. The Large Outdoor Plants Box is the suburban choice, with 4 larger, feature plants delivered each quarter for £79.00. Save 10% when you order for a full year. Scroll down for your Mr Plant Geek discount of 30% off!

Small Outdoor Plants Box

Large Outdoor Plants Box

For those without a garden, there’s a particularly snazzy indoor plants service too, where Bloombox Club will send you a fresh indoor plant very quarter, again with simple care cards, which won’t overcomplicate the care! The Indoor Plants Box is just £35.00 per quarter.

Indoor Plants Selection

I’m also really excited to be writing a whole series of innovative articles for the new Bloombox Club Plant Hub too. I’ll be looking at your outdoor space from many different angles, whether you’re urban or suburban, and whether own a garden or simply rent one. I’ll also be doing an Instagram Takeover as the resident ‘Plant Ninja’ every so often!

So, why not give a Bloombox Club subscription a test run, and you’ll never have bare, empty pots by your front door again! Of course, you can cancel at any time. Ohhhh, just imagine the delight of having a box of special plants delivered to your doorstep, simply perfect!

Use discount code GEEK30 to get a whopping 30% off your first box!

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